Missouri Congressional Rundown[Updated]

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Neither Senator Claire McCaskill (D) or Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond (R) are up for re-election this cycle.



Democrat Lacy Clay is seeking re-election.

There is no Republican challenger. The district consists of mostly downtown St. Louis, a Democrat strong hold in the state. This is especially peculiar considering the Libertarians have a candidate (Robb Cunningham).


Republican Todd Akin is seeking re-election. Congressman Akin is truly one of the Conservative rock stars in the U.S. House. He is consistently awarded the “Hero of the Taxpayer” award by Americans for Tax Reform (Achieving a 100% on their rankings for the entire 108th Congress and the first session of the 109th Congress). He has a lifetime rating of 98% from the American Conservative Union.

He will face the winner of the Democrat primary. The candidates are Byron DeLear, Bill Haas, Mike Garman and John Hogan.


Democrat Russ Carnahan is seeking re-election.

The two Republicans seeking the nomination are John Tucker and Chris Sander. Both are political rookies having never held public office. Sander is a businessman and Tucker is a former teach and pastor and is now a realtor. Local blogger Relevant Elephant conducted an interview with Sander recently.


Democrat Ike Skelton is seeking re-election.

There are two Republicans seeking the party nomination: Jeff Parnell and Stanley Plough. Jeff Parnell is a business man. Stanley Plough has held public office. Reading the issue pages it is clear that Plough is a big government conservative favoring massive government intrusion in health care markets, bashing “excessive profits” and increasing benefits from Social Security Insurance with no plan for how to pay for the increases. On the other hand, Parnell is pro border security, pro tax cut coupled with spending cuts (supports the Fair Tax as a reform to the current system), seeks to detangle the government from healthcare, and pro-life.


Democrat Emanuel Cleaver is seeking re-election.

There are three candidates for the Republican nomination: Jacob Turk, Chris Knowlton and Randy Langkraehr. Jacob Turk is a small business owner, Chris Knowlton works for “one of the country’s largest property owners” and Randy Langkraehr owns three businesses. None of the three have held public office. Both Turk and Knowlton appear to be solid conservatives concerned with market driven answers to health care and energy, lower taxes and reduced federal spending, and strong on immigration and issues of foreign policy. I am unable to find information on Langkraehr’s positions.


Republican Sam Graves is seeking re-election.

His Democrat challenger is Kay Barnes.


Republican Roy Blunt is running for re-election.

There are two Democrats seeking the party nomination: Tharon Chandler and Greg Gloeckner.

The Libertarians have Kevin Craig seeking the Congressional seat that Blunt occupies.


Republican Jo Ann Emerson is seeking re-election.

The Democrat Party candidate is Joe Allen.

The Libertarian Party candidate is Branden McCullough.


Republican Kenny Hulshof is not seeking re-election. He is one of two Republican candidates for Missouri Governor.

There are three Republican candidates to fill Hulshof’s seat: Danie Moore, Bob Onder and Brock Olivo. Danie Moore is the current Missouri State Representative serving District 20. Bob Onder is a doctor and a lawyer. Brock Olivo is a former football player for both the University of Missouri – Columbia and the NFL’s Detroit Lions. Brock Olivo has caught a lot of flack over his decision to jump straight to the U.S. House. It has been reported that he has never even cast a ballot in an election before.UpdateSt. Louis Conservative has informed me that I am missing Blaine Luetkemeyer. Blaine is a former Missouri State Representative and currently owns his own insurance agency (Trust me when I say that this is not easy).