The President Speaks

I don’t think a President speaking to school children is necessarily bad.  I see in reviewing the transcript that some of the messages are good and are cliches that parents have delivered forever. I can understand some young students would feel privileged that the President would take the time to speak to them. I don’t think that a lesson plan designed by the administration is appropriate. I see where people would feel that those assignments supplied lean toward indoctrinating our children. I can understand this whole exercise has gone bad for a President on the wrong side of radical.

The President refers to himself (I is used 56 time) many times in his 18 minute speech.  Where is the great orator some seem to see.  Have they heard speeches by John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan?  The idea that this politician has ascended to the highest office in the Nation might be more admirable if we really knew what recommended him!  He is more a mystery than an inspiration.  This man, or his handlers,  knows how to play the political game . . . . . . . and a down and dirty contest it is.   

My idea of inspiration runs more to past Presidents, and we don’t have to go way back in time either.

William Jefferson Blythe was born in 1946 to a man who died before he was born.  When his mother remarried he became William Jefferson Clinton.  Like his politics or not, this man came from humble beginnings to attend Georgetown University and become a Rhodes Scholar. Was a Governor of Arkansas and became our 42nd President.

Born in 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan did not come from wealth but managed to graduate from college. A sport-inclined youth, “Dutch” (as he was called) considered an introvert, honed his skill as a speaker thru debating and acting.  He worked later as a radio announcer and Hollywood actor, served as president of the Screen Actors Guild, Governor of California and eventually became our 40th President.

Dwight David Eisenhower was born in 1890 to German immigrants. Was considered too old for admittance to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, but went on to graduate from West Point.  Served in the military with Gen MacArthur, was Supreme Allied Commander, and president of Columbia University.

My point here, of course, is that there are plenty of inspirational political examples. Unfortunately, President Obama is not one of them.  Elected by black majority, not based on past accomplishments, affirmative action is not much of a recommendation.  Not considering the fact that we are not allowed to know what he has actually done in life, because all of those things are under political lock and key. Obama, if you really want me to know who you are reveal yourself.

It is not very consoling to think that President Obama feels that these cliches that he will deliver today are highly inspirational.  Can he be so naively propped up by his followers that he fails to see that he is historically different from the others.  Just calling yourself black, doesn’t make up for the lack of substance.