Out of the Pool!

Well, President Obama and family are on vacation.  They have rented “Blue Heron Farm” in the town of Chilmark, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.   

There are few cries of deserting his public responsibilities, that had accompanied President Bush’s attempts to escape the restrains of Washington.  Always thought job and its duties travelled with you when you’re the Commander in Chief. 

But, of course, Obama is the grand  commander of “change.”  So why do I feel that he really thinks he’s on vacation?  The Press has been advised that there will be no cell phone or texting detailing the First Family movements on the island.  Anyone disobeying the rules will be kicked out of the pool.  Does that also mean that what happens on the island, stays on the island?  We need some reporters with a discerning eye.  Where are those representives of truth, justice and the American way?  Is that a Superman motto? 

Anyway, I do hope that the President brought along some summer reading.   He could really kick back and read the proposed Healthcare Reform. 

Oh, and before I forget, watch that bridge over to Chappaquiddick Island.  There was a terrible accident there years ago, that people still talk about.