Teachable Moment for Whom?

Okay, so it’s a go!  Obama, Gates and Crowley are to have a beer at the White House.  That’s right the President, the Harvard Professor and the Cambridge Sgt hoping to bond.  Chugging back their brewsky is apparently going to right this whole incident.  How can that be!

Whose teachable moment is it?  Perhaps the President, without having all the details of the case, should not have made it part of his blah-blah-blah press conference.  Reaching a conclusion just because someone is your friend is never a good idea.  Claiming the police acted “supidly” is much more than supid in itself.  Is this guy, who has such poor judgement, really the President?

Maybe our Harvard Professor should come to terms with the fact that even a white person would have had to answer the same questions he was asked.  The Sgt. was investigating a break in reported by a neighbor.  “Your Mama” is not a term usually attributed to those more educated, which he is.  What exactly does it mean anyway?

So I leave it to Sgt Crowley.  Hopefully, he can enlighten both the President and the Professor to the facts:  1) Its not always about race; 2) even if you’re black, you must answer the questions; 3) having friends in high places doesn’t exempt you; 4) get facts before you pick sides; 5) Presidents should not create racist issues with no merit. 

Realizing the ego without end occupying the the White House, I’m sure the Pres will emerge the hero of the day. . . . . . . . in his own mind at least.  The rest of us, who know the police are the here to protect us, know the real story.  It’s not about race.