All in the tub with Obama

Mug A Mug, Mug

Called Chicago thug

The pop star, the banker, the Commander-in-Chief

Surrounds himself with many a thief


Vote A Vote, Vote

He often does gloat

A resemblance to Lincoln, to Washington, to Reagan

Only to prove, he’s really a pagan


Yak A Yak, Yak

You’re on the wrong track

Guesting on talk shows and sports pick tv

Who do you think you really should be


Club A Club, Club

Ready to scrub

The Constitutional ideals on which we were built

Doing it all without the least bit of guilt


Rub A dub, Dub

A very old rhyme

From a time in our history when we were all fine

We, the Americans, had freedom and pride

Envied by others far and wide


Now is the time to stand up and say

“We will not have you take our freedoms away”