Are They Kidding?

Had to laugh out loud today, when I read that Michelle Obama had chosen the same pale yellow sweater that she wore the day of the Inauguration to give a community service talk – minus the diamond pin. The reporter for stylist.com commended the first lady for economizing!

This must be a joke! After we have witnessed the most extravagant inaugural party in US history – $160 million! The Obamas host parties that are lavish with cavier, Wagyu beef (America’s version of Kobe and $60-100 a lb.) and alcoholic beverages – the Presiden’ts favorite is apparently a vodka martini – are nowa weekly tradition penned in the White House calendar.

While our great leader chides America for its greed and excess, moderation seems to be a foreign concept at Pennsylvania Avenue.  McDonald’s has reported that their dollar menu has created an upswing in store sales. That dollar menu has become a standard for feeding a family economically.

The new administration has been anything but thrifty in the first 57 days.  The Obama’s contend that they want Americans to know that the White House is the people’s house.  And the events continue and the conga lines form under the watchful portraits of George and Martha in the East Room. 

Meanwhile, I’m anxiously awaiting my invitation; and I think I’ll wear the same outfit I wore for the inauguration!