What Can I Say?

Well, it’s happened again.  Those not in favor of President Obamas policies are always attempting to shelter those who are.  A constant, “Watch what you say to him/her, because they think he’s a God” is a part of many conversations.  What have we all become? When did disagreement become so laden with fear and negativity? Race made Obama the winner. (Not to be denied when 95% of the black population voted for the black candidate.) But my disapproval has nothing to do with color and everything to do with idealogy. Where he’s bringing our country relates to how he has been educated to see America, and not a true reflection of America. America elevated him to President, with the help of the white family who nutured and sacrificed (his word) for him and a people who embraced him. These now he obviously seeks to punish.

I’m not alone in asking my pro Obama supporters – “Why don’t you see what we see?” But until THEY do, our train is all too swiftly running down a track that will eventually run off a cliff.  Unfortunately, for those of us with this vision we’re all on the same train headed for the same tragic end.

May God bless America – May God help us all!