March Madness

Today is the birthday of Gary Sinise.  A strong supporter of our military, Gary was executive producer of the documentary “Brothers at War.”  Fox News recently covered him visiting our soldiers in Iraq, telling the world of our brave men and women, and their pledge to keep us safe. Americans owe our armed forces a debt that can only be repaid with our love and gratitude.  We realize that there is a price for freedom.  Yet, today, President Obama disregards and disrespects the sacrifices they make.  In a grand scheme, he hopes to recoup $540 million, by requiring that private insurance carriers reimburse The Department of Veteran Affairs for service-related injuries.  An angered Commander David Rehbein of The American Legend stated that the President refused to hear arguments regarding moral or government obligations to our military. The Commander calls the failure to see the VA responsibility in these matters “unconscionable.”

This surely is March Madness.