What Does Trump Stand For?

I’ve struggled to figure out what it is about Donald Trump that people seem to like. He’s taken every position on every issue, so I can’t tell where he stands on any issues. Why do people flock to hear him when they have no way of knowing if his words match his convictions?

This is not meant to be a knock on Trump supporters, or even Mr. Trump. I readily admit there may be things I don’t yet understand. There usually are.

I’ve come to believe that a majority of Trump supporters support him because they want to win. They’ve lost and lost and lost for so many years now. The biggest issue for them isn’t really the economy or illegal immigration. Rather, they want someone to actually fight. In Trump they see someone who picks fights and wins them, handily. Regardless of where he stands, in pop culture and in political arenas, he often wins.

I don’t know if I am right about all of that. But if so, Trump supporters and I have that in common–I also believe Trump can win many fights he picks. He does what it takes to win.

Although I don’t believe his latest stated convictions, I am convinced of one thing Trump values above all–and that is Donald Trump. And he will fight tooth and nail for that which he values most. In studying his history, that value appears to be the key principle that drives him.

Unfortunately for most issues I don’t believe he will actually fight for that which I value. I hope I am wrong.

The only candidate who I have actually seen fight for what I value is Ted Cruz. And he continues to fight even when it hurts him. I don’t believe Ted Cruz is the perfect candidate, but I believe he will actually fight for what I value.

I don’t want just another champion who gets the win. I want a champion who gets wins for freedom.