Conservatism is Faltering. Who is to Blame?

We can blame Obama. We can blame Romney. We can blame Boehner or Reid. We can blame the Republican establishment. We can blame the media. They all certainly deserve some blame.

How do conservatives start winning on a national level? We start blaming ourselves.

Not for standing on correct principle, not for defending God-given rights and responsibilities. No, we blame ourselves for not fighting hard or smart enough, and then we get to work. In the last general election we battled perhaps better than ever before, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the opposition. Ultimately a majority of Americans value certain liberal ideals more than conservative ideals. The only way for conservatism to grow is to convince more people of the value of conservative principles.

Complaining, labeling, and getting upset at those who share the blame will accomplish little. We have to convert more people. No, that doesn’t mean compromise on core principles. It does mean we have to treat moderates, liberals, and low-interest/low information individuals with respect, get to know them, show genuine concern for them, take time to understand them and their situation, and help them understand how conservative principles are their best option. If religious, we should also pray in faith that people will have a change of heart. We have to do this at local levels, regional levels, and the national and even global level. Most importantly, we need to do this better on an individual level.

Liberal values will not be conquered by our complaints. We have to change people’s minds. We have a history of sitting idle while our enemies recruit heavily and work to obtain strategic competitive advantages. We have to come to battle, a battle for hearts and minds in the war of freedom vs. control.

America can find greatness again. But America is great when Americans are good. We must help all Americans find greatness within themselves; we must believe in them and fight for them even if they aren’t yet on our side. We must persuade them to the cause of freedom.