Will the GOP Show Up for the 2012 Budget Fight?

The GOP leadership failed us during the 2011 Budget debate. The promised $100B cuts quickly turned into $65B and then $38B which – in the final CBO analysis – only amounted to millions.

We were let down again when our leadership wimped out in the battle over the debt limit by guaranteeing $2 trillion in new debt would be added to the National tally inside of 18 months.

In both cases, Boehner was clearly petrified that he and his party would get the blame for any negative consequences resulting from an unyielding stand on the very principles they were elected to uphold.

When Congress returns from their 5-week playtime recess, the third war of the Triple Crown will take place as they take up the 2012 Budget. This will be the last chance of this term for Republicans to show us whether they have a spine up their back or if it’s made of jelly.

With only a few weeks left to pass a budget before the end of the fiscal year, it is unlikely that a budget can be passed before September 30. Absent a budget, we can most likely expect Democrats to call for another Continuing Resolution.

There is only one acceptable outcome of this final spending battle before the current debt limit is breeched in early 2013: No more Continuing Resolutions.


The Republican House passed a 2012 budget – something the Senate hasn’t done in two Budget cycles. If Harry Reid doesn’t like it, then make him mark it up, pass it in the Senate, and send it back.

When Reid starts whining that their “isn’t enough time” to get it done before September 30, then remind him he’s had two years to pass a budget.

The clock is running and the Dems are out of timeouts.