A Message to the Vice President of the United States

Dear Mr. Vice President,

I am not a terrorist.

I am a patriotic American who loves my country as much as you and a proud member of the Tea Party Movement.

Only a physical disability stops me from attending every Tea party rally within a 300-mile radius of Kansas City waving my own Don’t Tread on Me sign.

I cherish my God-given freedoms and thank that same God for giving our Founders the wisdom to protect and preserve them when they wrote the United States Constitution. I fought in a war to defend those freedoms, and never in my wildest dreams during those years of youthful exuberance did I ever think the biggest threat to those freedoms would come – not from a foreign superpower – but rather from my own Government.

I am not a terrorist.

I believe strongly and passionately in the principles those Founders set forth that has made my country the greatest on Planet Earth, bar none. Now I find my own countrymen calling me a “terrorist” because of those beliefs. Thank you, Mr. Vice President for that. At least you have changed the hateful narrative from “racist” to “terrorist.”

You call me a “terrorist” because I send people to Congress to represent my voice and who have the courage and backbone to stand up and say STOP!!to the continued destruction your party has wrought on my country. We tried it your way, and look where it got us. I sent those representatives to Congress do what your boss promised, but never delivered: to permanently  change the way business is done in Washington.

I am not a terrorist.

I have never “held a gun” to any body’s head. Have you forgotten the President’s lecture about  “destructive rhetoric” following the tragic event in Tucson when a real terrorist held  a realgun to the head of Gabby Giffords and pulled the trigger?

Nor have I ever strapped exolosives to my chest to take “hostages.”

I am NOT a terrorist.

And I srongly  resent and reject you calling me one.  

We are on the same team, sir. We are both Americans.

Don’t Tread on Me


Gary “KC” Cook