If Nobody Else Will Say It - Then *I* Will

Unless somebody spiked my Coke, I heard Boehner reveal last night (for the first time) that he and Obama were close to a deal in which the Speaker agreed to $800B in new tax revenues. I didn’t hear it explained in the context of “tax reform” whereby loopholes would be closed in exchange for lower tax rates – but rather a NET revenue increase of $800B.

Did Boehner cave on his solemn promise to not agree to any tax hikes? Did he come out waving the white flag and offer a full, unconditional surrender? Did he secretly shove a knife in the backs of Tea party Republicans who represented our last hope of saving our country from becoming another Greece? Was I merely watching an instant replay of the 2011 Budget fiasco? What the hell happened?

After my blood pressure finally came down out of the red zone, I logged on to Redstate expecting to find the place on fire with angry RS’ers calling Boehner every dirty name known to man.

But no.

I was certain I would pull up one of Erick’s posts that would surely melt my monitor and send thick, black smoke rolling out of the smoldering pile of molten goo.

But no again.

With a clearer head, I returned to Redstate this afternoon – only to find a few low-volume, low-intensity rumblings of something I consider to be a devastating defeat for Conservatism.

Am I missing something? Did I log into the wrong web site?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m overreacting to something most Conservatives thought was inevitable anyway. Maybe I just totally misunderstood Boehner’s concession speech. Or maybe somebody really did slip a Mickey in my Coke and I was hallucinating or having a bad dream.

I see this as a helluva lot more than a fight between Obama and Boehner. It’s about defining/redefining the role of Government in this country. It’s an epic battle between Conservatism and Liberalism. This is where the immovable object meets the irresistible force.

By conceding higher tax revenues to the Liberals, we have conceded to them unfettered power to use that extra cash stash to grow the size of Government. We are conceding to the Liberal argument that it’s a revenue problem as much as a spending problem. We are conceding to them that every time they spend too much, just raise taxes.

Does anybody besides me remember the 2010 elections? Obama, Liberals, and the MSM are forming lynch mobs to go after the Tea party Republicans. For what? Because they have the sheer, unmitigated audacity to vote the will of the people who elected them? 


After the 2006 elections, I heard the Left’s battle cry “elections have consequences” until I was sick of it. We heard Nancy “We Won! We write the bill!” Pelosi rub our noses in the staggering defeat of Congressional Republicans.

Why am I not hearing it now just as loud, just as intensely, and just as often from the Right?

Those Tea Party Republicans are the ONLY thing standing between Obama and a Socialist America. They are the only reason why Boehner didn’t cave months ago. They are the only reason Liberals are willing to even talk about spending cuts. They are the only REAL “adults” in the room who recognize it was maintaining the status quo for decades that has brought this country to the edge of the cliff. And they are the ONLY ones willing to stand up and defend Conservatism.

Does anybody think those freshmen might be feeling a bit lonely and abandoned? Don’t they deserve the full, unwavering support, encouragement and praise of all Conservatives?  Shouldn’t every person who claims to be a Conservative be out there on the front lines defending those brave warriors against the likes of Harry Reid, Ed Shultz, and –yes – B. Hussein Obama?

 Shouldn’t they be hearing our loud cheers of “Give ‘em Hell!” and let them know they are not alone?

 Yes – I’m angry. To be blunt, I’m mad as hell. To those that I’ve offended, I apologize.

 But know this:  I will never ever apologize to anyone for standing tall and standing firm on my Conservative principles, convictions, and beliefs. Ever.

 End of rant.