Cut Cap & Balance Bill: A "Symbolic" Vote?

It’s not a “serious” plan. It’s “partisan politics” by the GOP. Republicans know it will never pass the Senate, so it’s just a “symbolic” vote.

We would expect that kind of rhetoric from Obama, Reid, and the Left Stream Media. But it appears the GOP has conceded to that description of the CC &B plan passed last night in the House on a bipartisan vote.

I don’t see a strong unified effort by the GOP to sell this plan as a serious, credible solution to a problem Obama has described as “catastrophic.” I don’t see Republicans running to the cameras to DARE Reid to kill it or Obama to veto it and then let those two explain to seniors why their Social Security checks have been stopped.

I don’t get it.

Was it a “symbolic” vote only because Reid and Obama don’t like it? Is it “not serious” because it will meet with strong resistance in the Dem Senate or because Obama has threatened to veto it? Who the hell gave Obama, Reid, and Chris Matthews the sole authority to determine what’s “serious?”

Republicans are getting trounced in the PR battle because they are hell bent on playing the role of “nice guys” while Democrats are coming to the fight with chains, switchblades, and brass knuckles.

Hannity was right last night when he said “Republicans are negotiating with themselves.” There’s too many plans out there that is dividing GOP support at a time when unity, solidarity, and one consistent GOP message are needed more than ever

The McConnell “GOP Surrender Plan” shouldn’t even be on the table, and is only serving as a diversion to serious discussions. The “Gang of Six” plan is one premised on the idea of “raise the debt ceiling now, and we’ll worry about the details later.” Yeah, right. We’ve seen that movie before: once under Reagan’s term and the sequel under Bush 41. Both times the movie didn’t have a happy ending.

I’ve been preaching a consistent sermon here to the Redstate congregation for months: it’s time for Republicans to stop playing defense, and go on the offense.

They can start by demanding that Obama and Reid explain why capping spending or balancing the budget is such a horrible concept. They can demand that Obama and Reid lay out a detailed plan for paying off the mammoth debt they are racking up – or their plan for dealing with the inevitable catastrophe that is certain to come when interest on the National debt consumes most or all of the tax revenue.

The Cut, Cap, and Balance legislation is a serious plan to a serious problem and the Republicans should be out there standing as one to drive it home with the fury and force of a runaway freight train.