The Budget War: When Liberalism and Conservatism Collide


With deficits and debt taking center stage in the national discourse, the time has never been better to settle the long-standing argument that defines the most profound difference between Liberalism and Conservatism:

What is the role of Government in this country?

This is a debate that is long overdue and that has heretofore only been skirted around the edges. This discussion should be brought out into the open in full view of the public.

Republicans cannot win this argument if they allow Democrats to make it one of morality. Demagoguery from the Left will be off the charts and the GOP will be painted as heartless, uncaring bastards out to starve granny and make sick kids fend for themselves.

The Republicans must make it about simple economics and third-grade math. There is a simple, indisputable proposition that is a mathematical certainty: the deficits and debt resulting from maintaining a welfare society cannot be sustained and – if not corrected soon – will lead to the complete destruction of the economic and social fabric of the United States of America.

No matter how much we may “want” to help our neighbors; no matter how much compassion we may feel for our countrymen – there is a practical limit to our collective ability to pay their way through life. Morality has nothing to do with it. And it’s not about caring or compassion.

It’s about a limited amount of money trying to cover an expanding segment of the population who have chosen to go through life with their hand out. Liberalism has encouraged this kind of dependency and has instilled a “Government owes me” mentality in the citizens of this country. It has to be stopped. And the time is now.

President Obama has repeatedly preached the sermon that America is a compassionate nation. He is right. But when a successful, hard-working citizen is forced at the point of a gun to hand over his money to support freeloaders – that is not an act of compassion. It is rather an involuntary submission to legalized theft by a Government who claims to be “of the people.”

Government cannot legislate social equality by confiscating wealth from the achievers and redistributing it to the moochers. Taking more and more money from the wealth creators through taxation will ultimately take away the incentive for people to excel in life and to create the wealth freeloaders have become dependent on.

I have been a harsh and vocal critic of GOP leadership for letting Democrats control the budget/spending debate. And I will continue to be until I hear Boehner, Ryan, or Cantor come out swinging and turn the narrative away from starving kids and make it about the very real economic and social destruction in our future if we continue on this path. That’s not over-the-top rhetoric or scare tactics and fear mongering the Democrats are noted for. It’s as real as it gets.

I’ve been pleading – even screaming – at the GOP to stop playing defense and go on offense. Make Harry Reid explain his plan for paying off the massive debt they are racking up. Force Nancy Pelosi to tell us what we can do when interest on our debt consumes 60% of tax revenues. Let Obama tell us what the plan will be when U.S. Treasuries are downgraded to one notch above junk status. How will $300 oil or 8$ gas affect the economy after the U.S. Dollar completely melts down?

And ask the American people how they would feel about a future that looks like Greece complete with massive, violent rioting in protest of radical, extreme austerity measures imposed by a Socialist Government that failed in bankruptcy after running out of other people’s money.