The Great GOP Cop-out: "But we only control one-sixth of Government"

When the 2011 Budget is passed later this week, Planned Parenthood will continue to get Federal funding. But only because House GOP leadership agreed to it. Funding for Obamacare will continue – but only because the GOP isn’t willing to exercise the power granted by the Constitution that gives the House of Representatives total control over the nation’s purse strings.

The U-joint in my car that connects the drive shaft to the transmission is only one-sixth of the drive train. But if that U-joint is removed, the car won’t go.

Boehner, and even Obama, is calling the $38B deal “historic” and the “largest spending cut in our history.” Both sides are claiming victory and Obama is taking credit for saving the country from certain destruction. Even Harry “draconian” Reid is boasting of their accomplishment in the Senate. Never mind that the Senate has thus far done nothing – nothing, that is, but demagogue the Republicans into oblivion with accusations of murdering women and starving granny.

Senator Rand Paul summed it up best:

“Only in Washington can a budget that spends more than it did the year before, with a larger deficit, be portrayed as cutting.”

Rand’s point underscores the intellectual dishonesty running rampant in Washington. The $38B “cut” was relative to a hypothetical, meaningless baseline (Obama’s budget proposal) that was never adopted or never even submitted to Congress for a vote.

If Republican leadership is going to hide behind their lame “only one-sixth of government” stance, then Conservatives will have little confidence that meaningful spending reforms can be achieved when the battle over the debt limit and 2012 budget escalates into a full-blown war.