It Looks Like Another Short-term CR is Coming

The bad news: the GOP is preparing  another short-term CR to avoid a Government shutdown.

The good news: this one demands cuts of $12B and expires in one week.

Another CR is not what Conservatives wanted. All it’s doing is covering Harry Reid’s butt and prolonging the agony. Let’s all be reminded that the House passed a 2011 budget while the Senate has done nothing but stall in hopes of a shutdown that can be pinned on Republicans.

We can take a little comfort in seeing the GOP up the ante on this one. $12B with a one-week expiration won’t sit well with Reid and we can expect the usual whining and more accusations of “draconian” coming from the Left.

If Boehner can pass this in the House, then he’s tossed the ball back to Reid. The Senate can either pass it or force a shutdown. If Boehner can declare this proposal to be non-negotiable – and make it stick – then it will be the first sign of strength and resolve we’ve seen from Republican leadership since the budget battle began.

When Reid demands compromise– Boehner can say this is a crompromise, because it’s not $61B.