Is There Anybody in Washington Taking the Debt Crisis Seriously?

Imagine this scenario: your wife goes on a two-year spending spree in which she exceeds her shopping allowance by a factor of three and runs up a mountain of credit card debt. When you’ve finally had enough, you lay down the edict that she can’t keep spending at this unsustainable rate. So your dear wife makes a compromise to freeze spending at current levels for five years and insists her generous offering will “reduce spending” by $40,000 .

Sound silly?

Of course it does. And it’s just as silly as Obama’s ridiculous assertion that freezing Government spending at current levels on select elements of the budget will “reduce the deficit” by $400 billion over ten years.

What’s even more astonishing is that Obama is getting away with this flagrant display of deception and outright lies. Why isn’t every Republican on Capitol Hill running to the nearest camera to call the President out on this outrageous farce? Where’s Fox News?

Obama’s proposal to “freeze” discretionary spending at a greatly-elevated level that is giving us $1.5 trillion annual deficits is a sham. In reality, he is preserving his bloated shopping allowance at a rate which will bankrupt the country. To insist maintaining today’s spending rate for five years will somehow “reduce the deficit” is something I would expect from my wife, but not the President of the United States. Reducing the deficit relative to what? Only in the Liberal world is not adding to the deficit the same as reducing it.

It currently costs $11 billion per day to run the Federal Government, of which $4 billion of that is deficit spending. Obama’s plan to reduce the deficit by $400 billion over ten years ($40B per year) represents less than four days of spending and 10 days of deficits. Problem is – the other 355 days of the year are still producing the same $4 billion per day deficits.

Before we can even think about attacking the $14 trillion debt, we must first stop adding to it. Every politician in Washington will individually preach the sermon that spending must be brought under control and our debt reduced. But when collectively assembled in the chambers of Congress with the Constitutional power (and duty) to actually practice what they preach, it’s back to business as usual.

The best cure for the wife’s spending addiction would be to cut up her credit cards. Let’s hope the Republicans have enough backbone to cut up Obama’s credit card when the Federal debt reaches the debt ceiling.