Why am I a conservative?

I think I can sum it all up in one word: evidence.

Despite claims to the contrary, conservatives are more concerned with the evidence about how things work and how things should be. We tend to have a healthy distrust of the new, which is why many can throw terms like ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘traditionalist’ at us. It’s because we understand that the past holds much wisdom to give us the keys we need to better navigate the future.

And because of our emphasis on evidence, we are much more critical of with new directions in politics and policy. We are much more resistant to change, for better or for worse. At worst, we resist change because it violates our comfort, even if that comfort is embedded in something wrong. At best, we resist change because we know the evidence is against it and pursuing that kind of change will only cause harm. We understand that it takes far more than good intentions to lead to good results.

Since we’re more discerning, preferring logic over emotion, we tend to be more consistent in our ideals and less likely to be hypocrites. Lastly, as conservatives, we prioritize four principles: the necessity of national health, the inherent dignity of human life, the importance of limited government, and the prosperity of free-market capitalism.

Note, these are all broad generalities, and not all conservatives will fit this definition or agree on this list of principles.