Two Steps Toward The Second American Civil War...

Greetings, I’m simison and this is my first diary. I wanted to share my perspective on a few important events that happened within the last week.

As they say in Star Trek, yellow alert.

What’s that? Unlike the infamous red alert or the serene condition green, yellow alert is when a ship activates some emergency defenses in a potentially hostile situation, but it’s possible it’ll pass along peacefully.

Which is where I find myself these days, regarding the state of my country. What happened this time?

The United States took two steps toward civil war.

Here’s the situation. Last week, after a Trump rally in San Jose, California, attendees left the place only to run into anti-Trump protesters, who proceeded to attack them, while the local police merely watched from nearby. One woman was pelted with eggs, those infamous Trump hats were stolen off of people and set on fire, American flags were burned while Mexican flags were waved, and other attendees would be beaten by the protesters. This was caught on camera and video, which I viewed before making this post, for the sake of accuracy.

The police, according to one report, watched all this and waited for about 90 minutes before finally intervening. Their inaction was defended by the Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, a Democrat and open Clinton supporter. While he defended his police, he placed the entire blame of the incident on Donald Trump, instead of the protesters.

All of this constitutes the first mentioned step toward civil war. The whole point of a democracy is to allow political disagreement to be resolved or mitigated through respectful discourse and conversation. On June 2nd, that principle was grossly violated, and the US is worse for it.

The second step occurred that night.

Emmet Rensin, Deputy First Person Editor on Vox.com, sent out a series of tweets declaring that rioting and violence aimed at property were justified reactions at a Trump rally. Now, we have a Liberal writer who has not only blamed Trump and his supporters for the violence (which is victim-blaming, as Liberal say), but then he outright supported the destruction and violence. To Vox’s credit, Editor-in-Chief Ezra Klein suspended Rensin the next day.

But it didn’t stop there. Huffington Post blogger Jesse Benn made an article defending Rensin, again placing the blame for the violence on Trump, and expanding the violence from property destruction to a much more broad ‘violent resistance’. Chauncey Devega of Salon wrote an article before that, which also excuses the political violence against the Trump supporters and has this line:

“In a functioning democracy, political violence should almost always be condemned. However, we must not forget that Donald Trump and his supporters are on the wrong side of history.”

Not only are Liberal writers rationalizing the violence against Trump supporters, a few of them are outright encouraging it.

And they tell us we’re supposed to be more afraid of Trump.

In a follow-up diary, I would like to explore my choice of title and further thoughts regarding it.