Obama appoints Social Thought crony as ambassador to...

http://www.redstate.com/sillyputty/2010/05/19/obama-spread-the-wealth-around/ or see my post titled “Obama: Spread the Wealth Around”

Last year, Barack Obama appointed Dr. Miguel Humberto Diaz ambassador to the “Holy See,” the “first Hispanic to represent the United States at the Vatican,” states the Embassy website.  Question: Now is it any surprise that Obama would appoint, one, a crony who helped Obama get elected (Google “Miguel Diaz and Obama 2008 election”), and two, a Hispanic to this post?  And, is it any surprise that he (Obama) would appoint someone who thinks as he does – socially and theologically? (See CNA story “by Googling “Obama picks Cuban Liberation theologian as U.S. ambassador to the Holy See”)  Again, according to the Embassy website, Mr Diaz was a “member of “Voices for the Common Good,” a speakers bureau consisting of prominent experts on Catholic social thought.”  It doesn’t take a genius to figure him (Obama) out; and it doesn’t take a genius to see the politics of Rome either.  As I already posted in “Obama: Spread the wealth Around,” (see above link) Obama was, “influenced” by the “Social Justice in the Catholic Church” in his Chicago community organizing days and nothing has changed since.  If you were to visit the “Voices for the Common Good” website ( www.catholicsinalliance.org ), you’d see the “social” message that Obama et al. are fomenting.  (See their “Current Projects” on the homepage)