Mexican and U.S. "solidarity" and the CFR North American Community 2010 date

In 2005, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) suggested 2010 be the year for “Building a North American Community.”

(To see the pdf file on “Building a North American Community,” Google “Building a North American Community and CFR Task Force”)

The socialist Mexican President Calderon said he wanted a “safer border… that will unite us.” And Obama, the other socialist, said “we (the U.S. and Mexico) are not defined by our borders” as he addressed his admirers at the WH, “but by our bonds.” Like clockwork, it looks as if the 2010 date set by the CFR Task Force on “Building a North American Community” may be realized after all. This is not conspiracy, it is reality; moreover, you have been funding this dream scheme for years – since the mid-90’s! Question: Did you know that you and I – the generous taxpayer – fund a bank (Google “NADB” or “North American Development Bank”) that supports “environmental infrastructure projects within 100 kilometers on both sides of the Mexican-U.S. border?” With this in mind, the CFR Task Force recommended that the NADB enhance its “capacity” in order to “achieve its full potential” to speed up the process of building this future, economic “community.” Look and see how your money is being spent:

Enhance the capacity of the North American Development Bank (NADBank)

“NADBank was conceived to support environmental infrastructure projects within 100 kilometers on both sides of the Mexican-U.S. border. After a slow start, NADBank has done important work over the recent years, and its mandate has been expanded recently to cover 300 kilometers into Mexico. However, to achieve it full potential, the U.S. and Mexican governments should (1) expand NADBank’s mandate to include other infrastructure sectors, particularly transportation; (2) permit it to access domestic capital markets and apply credit enhancement tools; (3) support the establishment of revolving funds through both grants and soft loans throughout its jurisdiction; and (4) strengthen its technical assistance programs to promote good governance and creditworthiness of communities and public utilities. Finally, NADBank’s internal procedures and the process of project certification should be reformed in order to allow for a significantly faster and more transparent deployment of funds.” – pp.14-15

“promote good governance” – Now there’s change you can believe in!

And the conclusion of CFR’s Task Force on “Building a North American Community”:

“The global challenges faced by North America cannot be met solely through unilateral or bilateral efforts or existing patterns of cooperation. They require deepened cooperation based on the principle, affirmed in the March 2005 joint statement by Canada, Mexico, and the United States, that “our security and prosperity are mutually dependent and complementary.” Establishment by 2010 of a security and economic community for North America is an ambitious but achievable goal that is consistent with this principle and, more important, buttresses the goals and values of the citizens of North America, who share a desire for safe and secure societies, economic opportunity and prosperity, and strong democratic institutions.”
“goals and values” – i.e. Socialist values