Ken Bucking the 2012 POTUS Election

This isn’t a game. I know their a lot of dreamers, ideologues and idiots who don’t get that. I know if I write this as a comment, it will just get lost. But someone has to say it.


Forget social security for a moment. In Fed Up, Perry argued for the repeal of the 17th amendment. Decent idea in theory, but the public is not ready for it. No way. Talk about keeping your powder dry. The Dems will not bring this up until he is nominated because they know they can destroy him with it.

There will be key senate races all over the country, and out standard bearer is going to be a guy that wants to take away the ability of the people to vote for their senators and leave that decision to state politicians?  Twist, rationalize, spin it anyway you want, this is coming to senate races near you, including VA and WI.

“Rick Perry doesn’t believe people should have the right ot vote. He trusts politicians more than he trusts you”

“We believe in the people. We trust you. Rick Perry is anti-democracy. He wants to take away your right to vote”

“Rick Perry believes in disenfranchising the people and giving the elite and politicians more power”

“Rick Perry wants to take away your right to vote;  long live democracy, top the fascists NOW”

Are all you blinded, stubborn ideologues  too blind to see that you will destroy the GOP and our hopes in 2012 if you elect Perry.

Its coming to you VA, WI, NE, MI, OH… Going to battle in Ohio with a candidate who doesn’t think people should get to elect their senators.


Long live the Republic. Romney/Rubio 2012.