Mitt Romney Keeps On Chugging

In certain circles of  the conservative blogosphere, there seems to be a blackout on any positive news involving Mitt Romney.  But ignoring or wishing away the GOP’s strongest candidate isn’t going to make it so.  I marvel at all the good news his campaign gets that is completely ignored by some.

For example,  a new presidential poll shows Romney beating Obama by five  in  Michigan, with only 12% undecided. Those are deadly numbers for Obama.  But that poll is just the tip of the iceberg for Romney;  a new primary poll of South Carolina shows  Romney with a healthy lead over the entire GOP field.  He receives 25% of the vote, while Palin pulls 16% and Bachmann pulls 13%.  South Carolina is supposed to be a soft spot for Romney.  He is expected do well in two of the early  four states, New Hampshire and Nevada, and any traction he gets in South Carolina or Iowa is gravy.  Speaking of Nevada,  The Las Vegas Sun  suggests that  Romney may be the man who can unite a fractured and poorly organized Nevada GOP.  Three positive news stories in one day is an impressive haul, but there is more.  On top of his impressive South Carolina numbers, Romney had another impressive display in the South, raising more money in Georgia  than any other candidate including Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich, who hail from Georgia,  and Pawlenty and Bachmann who are appealing to evangelical voters who hold sway in Georgia.

A very impressive one day news cycle. Yet some seem intent on ignoring the realities surrounding the  Romney campaign, but he is strong and getting stronger, and conservatives prefer work horses over rock stars.  It will be a difficult task to knock him off his perch.