Quick Post for the Historical Illiterates

I could write a whole history, but have neither the time, nor the will to educate morons. Some local news outlets managed to mangle American history in an attempt to beclown Sarah Palin. They only beclowned themselves. But the misinformation is spreading like wildfire. Some quick facts to douse this nonsense.

Paul Revere’s ride occurred before the Declaration of Independence. The United States of America did not exist. Many of the patriots still considered themselves loyal British subjects. Paul Revere did not yell “the British are coming”. He was British. The people he was warning were British. That would have been stupid to yell the British are coming. Historians have concluded that he warned the colonial British that the “regulars” are coming or the “redcoats” were coming.  As the riders snuck out of Boston, it was a stealth mission. But once he was beyond the scope of the redcoat sentries, Paul Revere did use various methods to wake and warn people.  Upon hearing his warnings, his fellow patriots at Lexington and Concord rang town bells to wake and warn the people. The Lexington Green bell is still rung at re-enactments today.