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Pelosi Sabotaged Bush’s BailoutBy Matt Rooney | October 1, 2008**

Wake up, Save Jerseyans. Despite the best efforts of her media supporters to obscure the ruse afoot, Speaker Nancy Pelosi never really intended “The Paulsen Plan” to see the light of day. Overwhelming evidence suggests that the Speaker feigned disappointment at the bailout bill’s 228-205 defeat. How can I be so sure? Let’s have a booth review of Pelosi’s screen pass:*1. Democrats had the Votes to Pass the Bailout*

235-199. That’s the breadth of the Democratic majority in the U.S. House. Speaker Pelosi could’ve gotten the bailout through the House without a single Republican vote.*2. Democrats Engendered the Financial Crisis*

Here’s where the “motive” element of this crime enters into the picture. Decades of affordable housing ridiculousness destroyed the mortgage market. Congressional Democrats were proud of this… until about a week ago. Since their presidential candidate has his finger prints all over the crisis on multiple levels (his association with ACORN, campaign donations from Freddie/Fannie, etc), Pelosi needed to create a serious distraction.

3. Pelosi Refused to Vote without Republican Support

Democrats say she held out for bipartisan support. Republicans argue she desired political cover.

In reality, Pelosi set a clever trap for the House GOP and Senator McCain. She spent an entire week arguing, against all mathematical reasoning, that the House GOP was needed to pass the bill. If a catastrophic meltdown was truly looming over the economy, then why did the Speaker delay? Pelosi was busy, loading the bailout package with ACORN and other legislative poison pills, topped off with a nasty, anti-GOP speech right before the roll call vote.

Most Republicans, motived by principle or anger, voted no. Dozens of Dems jump ship and also vote no. So who gets the blame? The House GOP was subsequently cast as a cabal of obstructionists and McCain’s campaign suspension was unfairly characterized as a cheap stunt serving to exacerbate the crisis.

Barack Obama is clinging to a slight but significant polling lead, and the Congressional Democrats responsible for the country’s economic woes are close to getting away with it.