http://blog.savejersey.com/2008/09/09/reed-gusciora-slams-sarah-palin-with-taxpayer-money.aspx** Gusciora has never had a problem using your hard-earned money for big government spending programs. However, today’s press release truly crosses the line from simple poor taste to extreme inappropriateness. At first inspection, his press release seems like a pretty typical, shrill, open-throated leftist attack on Sarah Palin’s experience and “extremism.”

So what makes this release different from the rest of the garbage thrown at Palin everyday? Assemblyman Gusciora released this statement through his Assembly office! He used taxpayer funds and state employees to execute a political hit on a vice presidential candidate.

Possible ethical considerations aside, the attack on Governor Palin was laced with a healthy dose of hypocrisy:

“Any one of my Mayors in the 15th legislative district has more experience and more constituents than Sarah Palin did as a mayor in an Alaska town of 6,000.” Gusciora continued. “In fact, five New Jersey counties have larger populations than the whole state of Alaska.”

Do you know what Alaska has that New Jersey towns don’t enjoy, Assemblyman? LOW PROPERTY TAXES:

    2007 New Jersey Median Tax Burden: $5,352    2007 Alaska Median Tax Burden: $2,241

Additionally, I don’t believe these numbers reflect the money Governor Palin recently returned to taxpayers thanks to massive oil profits. Maybe we should look into drilling some of our own.**Take a moment and call Assemblyman Gusciora. Tell him that you:

1) Agree with Sarah Palin, and not him, when it comes to reforming big government spending, and2) Don’t appreciate him using more of your money to smear her commendable public service record

        Office of Assemblyman Reed Gusciora        P: 609 292 0500**