A view from the Herd

I am what would be considered your so called average middle class American. Fortunately the small family owned machine shop for which I am currently employed, aggressively pursued work exclusively dealing in exotic and hard to machine metals. This strategy resulted in landing major contracts with several well known oil exploration suppliers and bringing prosperity to all ,even at the high point (or low point depending on your circumstances) of the recession. We are a non union shop , yet the majority voted for Barack Obama in 2008. At this time regrets are many , while there are few who have the intestenal fortitued to join the few of us to speak out against this spending insanity. To accenuate this point ,there are seven of us out of approximatly seventy employees who consistently stand for conservitive principles, of whom are three who escaped communist regimes(one Cuban,one Vietmenese and one from the former Soviet Union). I am ashamed to say that the rest are at this moment of the “It could never happen here mentality” I am posting this in the hope that my voice may be heard and someone may hear. Thank You.