Election Night Drinking Game

There are others out there, but I figured I’d do my part to help people celebrate on Tuesday:

Point at someone and yell "That’s your name, not your title!"

When Baron Hill loses

Say "You betcha"

Anytime anyone mentions Sarah Palin

Take a drink when:

A Republican says

"Bigger than 1994"




A Democrat says

"We didn’t do an adequate job of explaining the health care bill"

"The President’s party always loses seats"

"compromise" or "bipartisanship"

A Pundit

Calls the American people stupid or ignorant

Says "The American people want/like divided government."

Says "Tea Party"

Says "Deeply divided country"

Finish your drink when

A Democrat

Laments that members were "punished for doing the right thing"

Points to Delaware as evidence that the win wasn’t that big

Says the ’08 Obama voters will be back in 2012

A Republican says "Mike Castle"

Shout "You lie!" and finish your drink

When Joe Wilson is reelected

Do a shot

Every time Democrats lose a statewide race in a state Gore, Kerry, and Obama won (CA, CT, HI, ME, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA, WI)

When James Carville puts a paper bag over his head

Say "OK.  Got to find my little notes here" and do a shot

When Harry Reid loses

Shout "Die quickly" and do a shot

When Alan Grayson loses

Do two shots

Every time a Committee Chairman loses

Do two shots and shout "Double, double toil and trouble"

Every time someone mentions Christine O’Donnell

Do two shots while nodding your head saying "Yes ma’am"

When Barbara Boxer loses

Shout "YES WE CAN!" and do a double

When Mark Kirk wins

Ring of Fire with hard liquor

Republicans retake the Senate

Anyone mentions a recount

A Republican says "bipartisanship" or "compromise"