Where is concern for Obama's experience?

How can all Bob Herbert of the NYT and all the Hollywood airheads complain about Sarah Palin’s experience without not even a mention of Obama’s complete and total lack of experience? Sarah Palin ran a state twice the size of Texas, fought the cronies in her party, took the lead on huge energy issues, was in charge of the Alaska National Guard, and basically has executive power over the entire state — all this before she was in charge of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Obama has no executive experience and no experience doing anything at all as a matter of fact except talking without saying nothing and writing about his wonderful journey which has led to wanting to become President. It’s one thing if the NYT and Matt Damon want to say that they wish Palin had more experience and then say well, you know, I also wish Obama had more experience, but they don’t even do that. NYT,Matt Damon are full of it! The liberals will get what is coming to their intellectually dishonest lives, a can of whoop-ass on November 4.