This whole thing is upside down,

Despite what the government mouthpieces tell you, real unemployment is closer to 20% than 9. We are trillions in debt and sinking fast. Millions of families are literally one paycheck or one lay-off from homelessness. “”Change we can believe in” has morphed into “Change we feel” in our pocketbooks and in our lives. 

So the race begins. With the same bunch of boys and girls vying for the title in 2012 to create ‘Change’.

Everyone understands the reality that women will determine the election and therein lays the problem for the Republican Party ‘good ole boys’ that have somehow managed to ‘isolate’ women.  Not only do women feel left out, many blame the social and economic situation on the ‘good ole boy’ politicians and processes of which many of the top runners are associated with.   Although the official list of who is running has not been determined, women have a long list to review for the wanna be 2012 Presidential Nominees for the Republican Party.  From one of the most liberal states in the nation, an everyday average Republican mom’s perspective.

The Ladies:

Gov. Sarah Palin;  

Concern: Will she be able to carry enough Moderate Republican Women, Independent Women and Swing Women voters? She may end up being the default candidate.


Rep. Michele Bachman;

Concern:  She has no executive experience. Will her association with the Tea Party make women vote for or against her?


The Gentlemen:

Mitt Romney;

Concern: RomneyCare, ‘good ole boy’ and he just looks too pretty


Newt Gingrich;

Concern:  ‘good ole boy’, and he’s got more personal baggage than a 747 cargo hold, no woman in her right mind will vote for him


Donald Trump;

Concern:  None. I find him entertaining and I hope he runs.


Rep. Ron Paul;

Concern: Foreign aid issues, and a nasty anti-Semitic streak. “Fortress America” was quite popular in the 18th century. (Will Pat Buchanan be his V.P.?)

Gov. Mike Huckabee;

Concerns: ‘good ole boy’, Abortion as a major issue, release of violent offenders


The underdogs:

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, former Pa. Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. Allen West of Florida, or businessman/columnist/radio host Herman Cain.  


Did I forget anyone?


So my vote goes to ‘none of the above’, because our entire field of candidates swims at the shallow end of the election pool.  If these are the choices given to women, Pres. Obama may again be Pres. Obama.


Let’s keep our eye of Gov. Scott Walker.


Common sense then indicates that the candidate that identifies early on what the major issues are for women and creates ‘Change with Results’ will win the 2012 Republican Party nomination.

What I think the major issues for women will be:

ü  Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs

ü  American debt

ü  Education

ü  Health Care

Nothing new or surprising with my list but I’m not sure if any of the Republican candidates have truly grasped what women expect.  Women expect the following:

ü  Trust

ü  Common Sense

ü  Ability to stop the insanity

I’m also afraid that there will be a divide between Conservation and Moderate Republican and Independent women that will affect voter turnout.