Equal-Opportunity Sex

LISA C. KNISELY has been unfairly discriminated against. She hasn’t been denied employment, housing, or equal treatment under the law and our constitution. She was denied the ‘right’ to be matched on OKCupid with someone who doesn’t want to sleep with her based on her physical appearance.

“I agree with Salam’s assessment that fighting racism (and other forms of oppression and discrimination) isn’t just about formal manifestations of equality like voting but is also about our hearts, minds — and even what we do with our genitals. Far from being innocuous and purely personal “preferences,” who we date, love, live with, befriend, and fuck is extremely meaningful for how we organize social power, hierarchy, and affiliation.”

That’s right. Fighting racism/sexism/classism/heteronormativity requires us to do things with our genitals, personal (or constitutionally protected religious) preferences be damned. She goes on to equate this to discrimination based on race, gender, or class*.

 “In Western cultures with an ideology of individualism, this belief that we can control our destiny, including our bodies, is deeply ingrained… fat stigmatization is more likely when individuals assign individual responsibility… Christian Crandall and his colleagues’ research further shows that fatism correlates with belief in a just world, the Protestant work ethic, and conservative political ideology.”

When a human life is at stake, it is unconstitutional to hold someone accountable for their sexual decisions. When some leftist chick wants to declare that she’s not getting enough, the rest of us are expected to change our behavior, or in this case our mates, to suit her mood.

Systems of oppression are systems and ones that replicate themselves through us. That is, we “inherit” these “preferences” and it is our job, if we are committed to progressive social change, to “work” on those inheritances so that our desires, and consequent “choices” align with the social world we want to pass on to others in the future.

How about you keep your progressive little noses out of the choices I make in my bedroom?

*Since when has class been an immutable accident of birth in America? All men are created equal. Every day after creation calls for an updated opinion.