The Old Time Media Is Not Always Biased

Today Reuters reported on the EU’s attempt to create a “permanent bailout fund.” The US’s Dodd Frank law includes a $50 bln permanent bailout fund, but the Old Time Media’ facile coverage credulously quoted Pres. Obama’s State of The Union speech saying “No more bailouts.” Why does the OTM cover for Obama’s lies, but has no problem with straight reporting concerning Europe?

The €500 bln bailout fund would be available to prop up future Greek tragedies, so the effort clearly implies the EU expects more sovereign failures. Therefore, It is entirely accurate and succinct to call it a permanent bailout fund. Fiscal conservatives may oppose such a fund, but at least in Europe there is a straight debate. In the US, the OTM refuses to admit that Obama has simply accelerated Pres. Bush’s bailout policies. Obama’s bailouts for auto unions, teacher unions, police unions, big banks, Fannie Mae, insurance companies, and major donors eclipse his fitfully attempts to help average homeowners. Obama has perfected the permanent insider bailout culture, but the OTM accepts this corruption. Why?

The OTM’s European coverage is not afraid of the ‘socialism’ tag. Greek politicians proudly declare their socialist allegiances, and the press accurately reports it. By contrast, Vermont’s Sen. Sanders is a self-identifying socialist, yet the OTM refuses to say so. Obama is, beyond any reasonable doubt, a socialist from the European mold, but, when asked, even the Wall Street Journal editorial board demurred on the inflammatory characterization. At worst, the OTM calls Obama’s redistributionist speeches ‘populist.’ Why?

In Athens, Madrid, Marseille, and London, the OTM has no problem reporting the anti-austerity protests as violent riots. The pictures of US Occupy and G-8 protests are very similar, but the OTM refuses to characterize the clashes that have resulted in hundreds of violence related arrests as riots. These are the same people using the same tactics, yet the OTM goes out of its way to say the US riots ‘began peacefully.’ Why?

The OTM accurately describes Greece’s troubles as the result of lavish government pensions and tenure rules. The Greeks are lazy and retire too young; they are over-entitled. In the US, people similarly thought they could live beyond their means, and the government threw cheap money at them ending in disaster. Here, the OTM’s narrative is that big bad banks are to blame for forcing loans onto helpless people who could not possibly understand that loans must be paid back. The US’s entitlement policies are close enough to Greece to ensure the same fate, yet the OTM characterizes the matter entirely differently. Why?

The answers are all the same and quite obvious. The OTM is biased toward transforming the US into a socialist-light nation. The debate long ago shifted from whether the OTM was biased to whether it was intentionally biased. Scandals such as JournoList clearly support the notion that the OTM is working for the progressive cause, but the OTM’s European coverage shows that the effort is selective and therefore intentional. So, when the OTM provides straight news on Europe but sugar coats socialisms similar failures in the US, smart readers know when to be skeptical.

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