The Adults In The Room

So, the President orders a war on a sovereign nation that has not recently attacked its neighbors or the US. He fails to consult Congress as is required by the US Constitution, and he blatantly lies about the war’s scope and purpose. Once the tyrannical regime is toppled, the President ‘spikes the ball’ in celebration – mission accomplished. He has won the war, but has no plan to secure the peace.

If this were 2003 instead of last week, extreme left organizations like Code Pink would be burning Pres. Bush in effigy. The Old Time Media and leftist groups have a vested interest in Obama, so their thundering silence is understandable, but what of the right? Shouldn’t conservatives be crying shenanigans on this one? Obama’s pass proves that the conservatives are the only adults in the room when it comes to foreign policy.

To be sure, Obama may have created a global disaster by fomenting revolutions in places such as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and now Kenya. Most revolutions end in genocide and tyranny (e.g. France, Spain, Russia, China, and Bosnia). The US, the Czech Republic, and South Africa are exceptions where a rule of law took hold and lives improved. Cutting deals with tyrants such as the Shah of Iran is an ugly business that seems beneath the ideals of a great nation, but the fact is that most of the world is run by tyrants, and such arrangements are at a minimum pragmatic. If Obama’s strategy of disrupting Mid-East tyrants and then hoping for an organic legitimate government fails, the plight of these peoples will go from bad to worse, and the US’s interest in regional stability will be gravely damaged. Also, Obama’s calculus of ignoring terrorist tyrannies such as Iran and Syria is at least puzzling.

Obama’s alternately conciliatory and militant approach to Mid-East tyrants probably reflects incompetence or at least naiveté, but he will remain President for at least 454 more days. Congress acknowledged this reality when it determined that Obama violated the War Powers Act, yet declined to defund his illegal Libyan war. So long as Obama calls the foreign policy shots, Congress needs to support him and give him a reasonable chance to succeed. Pres. Bush won the Iraq war despite political sabotage from the likes of Sen. Reid who said “this war is lost” in 2007, just as the tide was turning in the US’s favor.

Under Pres. Bush, the OTM and the extreme left acted as children by using every tool to tear the President down, even at the expense of the war effort. Shout Bits rarely sings the praises of conservatives, but in this instance, their restraint in the face of fairly obvious Presidential incompetence is the adult response. Foreign policy should not be open to a perpetual political campaign, and with the election more than a year away, now is not the time to start. The fruits of Obama’s risky Mid-East strategy will be obvious in time, but for now he rightly enjoys the support of the loyal opposition.

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