Yes, They Are Communists

The delightfully salacious political news lately has been the ‘Occupy’ movements around the world. Shout Bits has visited the Denver, CO rallies and can confirm one part of the Old Time Media reports – yes, they smell brutally offensive with BO. But the OTM is willfully ignoring another obvious fact – these protesters are of the same cloth as the communists that sought to revolutionize the US in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Their message is violence and repression, not some sort of peace and love.

Anyone who did not live through the 1968 Chicago DNC should read Dupes by Paul Kengor. In it, he combines commonly understood cold war history with later released KGB files to expose organizations such as trade unions, academic luminaries, and student anti-war organizations as indeed infiltrated by communists who took direct orders and funding from Moscow. Just as Sen. McCarthy suspected, the State Department did have communist agents occupying high positions of authority. 1960’s radical groups like SDS and the Weather Underground were in fact run by violent communists.

One of the interesting twists of revolutions is that they usually feed on their own. The 1960’s radical movement peaked under the far left President that gave the nation Medicare and the War on Poverty. Giving revolutionaries what the logically should want only emboldens them to pursue their ultimate end – in this case the abolition of private property and the dictatorship of the proletariat (i.e. communism). While Pres. Obama is a socialist from the European mold, the ‘Occupy’ troops clearly want more.

Goofy Message

Scary Messages
(side note: Deep Green Resistance is a communist organization that “believes that civilization, and especially industrial civilization, is fundamentally unsustainable and must be actively dismantled in order to secure a livable future for all species on the planet”)

Listen to the words of the protesters and consider their tactics; the OTM likes to pretend that these people do not have specific messages or demands, but they do. Democrats like Rep. Pelosi and Pres. Obama are seeking to align themselves with these groups to gain from their activism, but the message on the street is very different from the one filtered by the OTM. The street crowds want an end to capitalism and the current government as we know it; they do not want reform, they want revolution. They want corporations abolished and wealth redistributed. Socialism seeks to contain capitalist spirits, while communism seeks to abolish capitalism altogether. The ‘Occupy’ movement is communist.

But didn’t communism end with Sen. McCarthy, or the Chicago DNC, or at least with the Berlin Wall? Without funding and direction from Moscow, how could communism survive? Communism did not die, rather 1960’s communist radicals hid their stripes and turned to academia. Bernadine Dohrn, communist murderer, escaped the FBI’s top ten list and became a law professor at Northwestern University. Communist Noam Chomsky (self-described Anarchist, but truly a communist) was already an academic in the 1960’s, and after encircling the Pentagon completed his career at MIT. Communist terrorist Bill Ayers somehow escaped the death penalty and went on to be a professor at the University of Illinois (and a friend of Barak Obama). Communist terrorist Michael Klonsky also became a University of Illinois professor. Communist terrorist and ‘Che’ Guevara acolyte Mark Rudd fled the FBI in the 1970’s, but later taught math at Albuquerque Votech. The list goes on, but communists and their sympathizers escaped to academia where they have bread a new generation of useful idiots for their cause. The preponderance of college hippies at the marches shows that Marxism and communism are alive and well at the ivory towers.

Even though communism promised race equality, it produced horrific ethnic cleansing in places like China and Kazakhstan. Even though communists claim to be for free speech and assembly, only capitalist nations allow such rights. Even though communists call themselves democratic, the only tool of communist expansion is violence. Communists promise wealth equity, but they simply deliver poverty and starvation on a scale that has killed 100 million people or more. The promise of peace is met with the reality of genocide. The OTM should stop carrying water for the communists who are driving the ‘Occupy’ movement. Voters should recognize the protesters’ message and tactics as those of the 1960s’ radicals that sought the violent overthrow of the US, and ask why prominent politicians are aligning with these dangerous people. It only takes a little moral clarity to understand that the ‘Occupy’ protesters do not represent any traditional US value or aspiration.

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