Krugman and Ivory Tower Hate

Princeton Professor Paul Krugman’s ugly New York Times blog on the post 9/11 environment stopped short of accusing Pres. Bush of masterminding the attacks, but it did accuse Bush and his associates of cashing in on the tragedy, of being “fake heroes.” If nothing else, the timing was hateful – the very week when the former President was called on to emerge from relative obscurity to lend gravity to the memorial ceremonies. Krugman’s hate cannot hold a candle to retired MIT professor, and radical anti-American, Noam Chomsky’s article in Al Jazeera. Chomsky goes a step further to condemn the US in all its 9/11 endeavors and accuse the US of the “supreme international crime” of world aggression, along with somehow being in cahoots with Cuban terrorists. Few will forget CU Professor Ward Churchill’s 9/11 essay that somehow twisted reality until the victims were the aggressors. The work of academics like Krugman, Churchill, and Chomsky are the fountainhead of leftist hate, and their influence is profound.

Occasionally political ideas come from the grass roots. A handful of idealistic 19th Century Protestants brought forth the abolitionist movement, destroyed the Whig Party, and created the Republicans. Today’s Tea Party receives its economic principals from instinct more than Adam Smith. Most often, however, political thought comes from above. Philosophy is usually the bastion of the elite, which explains why 20th Century Communists first infiltrated campus professors. Long after the Comintern’s collapse, these ideas still dominate major campuses across the world.

The fingerprints of a CPUSA campaign were hyperbolic rhetoric and outright denunciation of the US (think Alinsky without the subtlety). Of course the CPUSA lost its Soviet funding over twenty years ago, so Academics like Krugman, Churchill, and Chomsky cannot reasonably be called communists (although Chomsky is an Anarchist, which is functionally a Marxist revolutionary). Instead leftist academics like these sinister three are fellow travelers on the Marxist-Leninist path to the destruction of the US.

Hard leftist professors, emboldened by tenure or even full retirement, can afford to make twisted and hateful pronouncements on the supposed crimes of the country that feeds them. While reviled by the public, agit-prop like Chomsky’s What Uncle Sam Really Wants, influences a higher sphere of intellectuals. Eventually, the idea that the US, its interests, and its motives are evil seeps into popular culture. The left chooses to occupy academia because it is the only safe place to propagate pure anti-US propaganda.

Why do local papers use the same talking points in their editorials? Why do the Old Time Media outlets report the same news in the same way, often on the same day? Why the uniformity of leftist opinion? Why are non-leftist ideas uniformly dismissed as ignorant or stupid by the OTM? There is a hierarchy of thought that effectively dictates to the mainstream left. Brilliant, but twisted minds like Chomsky and Krugman influence lesser academics like Churchill, who in turn teach ordinary students. Maureen Dowd is not smart enough to form her own opinions; she unwittingly absorbs ideas from above. Lazy local journalists parrot Dowd, and the food chain of leftist thought is complete.

A core of academics write unthinkable lies at the most hurtful times because they are willing to sacrifice their popularity to advance their hatred of the US. They believe in and hope for the destruction of the US as a nation of laws and individual rights, all the while twisting those ideals to a Marxist end. Liberty minded people need to know that biased OTM reporting is just downstream effluent from sources such as Krugman, Churchill, and Chomsky.


P.S. Chomsky’s obscene screeds against the US and its culpability in 9/11 are nothing new. He wrote such a piece in the days after the attack where he compared Osama Bin Laden to Pres. Clinton. David Horowitz brilliantly dissected that article and Chomsky a few days later. While Glenn Beck made a splash exposing Marxists in government and academia, Horowitz has been sounding that alarm for decades.

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