Why Palin Should Run

Gov. Sarah Palin is by far the most active presidential candidate who has not announced a candidacy. Her publicity tours and grass-roots support auger well for an announcement this summer. Even some of her natural allies, such as Charles Krauthammer, have dismissed her non-candidacy. Shout Bits will extend whatever oracle-cred it has and predict that Palin will run.

Now, not to pile on, but Palin is indeed flawed. She works based on instincts alone and is highly vulnerable to gotcha interviews and selective editing by her enemies in the Old Time Media. Her foreign policy credentials are as bad as Pres. Obama – non-existent. She does not surround herself with enough beltway hacks to defend her politically, as any President must. She is tactically weak in the primary due to her negatives in the North East. These and others, but here are a few reasons why a Palin candidacy will be good for the GOP and the cause of liberty in general:

Palin will cull the herd of RINO phonies. Look for statist hypocrites like Gov. Mitt Romney to preface their Palin comments with “I don’t agree with everything Gov. Palin says, but . . .” Well, nobody agrees with anyone on everything. What the RINOs love to do is capture the rhetoric and emotion of the liberty movement, all the while continuing the status quo. Romney is the best candidate to take the US’s statist mess and run it better than the socialist Obama, but that is not what the US needs to restore liberty and prosperity. Compared to the RINOs, Palin is a sword of truth. While always positive, Palin makes no compromise on her principles. The Romneys cannot stand next to Palin in a debate without her exposing their awful hypocrisy. Expect Palin to say something like “We must reverse everything this administration has done over the past 3 years.” How is a RINO, who secretly supports much of Obama’s socialist agenda, to respond to such a bold challenge?

The OTM will not sleep at night while Palin is campaigning. One of the truly singular delights about Palin is her cheerful needling of the OTM. Everything Palin says, and everything she is, infuriates the OTM. Should Palin’s candidacy gain traction, the poor folks at the New York Times might have strokes. With immeasurable hate comes carelessness, and Palin might be yet another nail in the OTM’s coffin. Web sites that dissect OTM vitriol, such as the Daily Caller, will be able to present daily clips of talking heads and celebrities embarrassing themselves with unhinged Palin hatred. Eventually, whatever credibility the OTM retains will be diminished in the eyes of moderate voters who cannot accept the hate.

Palin will expose the feminist left. Feminists present themselves as crusaders for equality, but in reality they are socialist revolutionaries. Objectively, Palin represents the feminist ideal; she is successful in her career, outspoken, and still heads her family unit. She embodies the ideal that a woman can have it all. Of course the feminists hate her, and barely rise to rebut the vicious and sexist insults from the likes of Bill Maher (“twat”) and David Letterman (“slut”, one of 3 ‘top tens’ on Palin). The feminist movement is socialism couched in the rhetoric of gender equality. A Palin candidacy will cause millions of women to question the true mission of their self-appointed leaders.

Sarah Palin is a rebel who will not rationalize GOP corruption. When Palin was Alaska’s Governor, she dismantled the cozy partnership between the GOP machine and the oil industry. The GOP may be a better advocate for liberty than the Dems, but not by much. After all, the GOP socialized prescription medicine. The GOP expanded ethanol mandates. The GOP imposed steel tariffs. Pres. Bush increased federal spending by 60% during his terms. The GOP lives off of pork and statism just as do the Dems. Palin is not attached to the machines and complexes that drive this corruption.

Can Palin win the GOP nomination? Probably not. Is her candidacy a publicity vehicle? Possibly. Even accepting the most cynical view of Palin’s motivations, there is no downside for the US in her candidacy. Palin will make Chris Matthews’s head explode and Janeane Garofalo scratch her tattoos off. Palin will make RINOs like Romeny squirm as they try to rationalize their corruption. Palin will force the GOP to confront its statist overspending instincts. Not bad for somebody whom no serious person takes seriously.

This is reposted from the original Shout Bits article.