So guys, when does the fun start?

As a young conservative, I must say that I am depressed.

Not because we are behind in the election. That can change.

Not by President Bush. He is an underrated leader and a fine man, polls be damned.

Not even by the media. Sure, they lie all the time, but they always have so that’s no surprise.

No, I am depressed because our nation is becoming Europeanized and conservatives are not going all out to stop it.There was a time when the conservative movement would have crushed Barack Obama with the greatest of ease, even during a bad economy and even with a left wing media. We would have exposed him as the extremist fraud he is, and we would have won in a landslide.

No longer. We couldn’t even rout John Kerry, who unlike Obama was a lousy campaigner.

I fear that conservatives have lost our desire for the good fight.

Has political correctness infected us, too? Are we too passive in opposing socialism and appeasement? Are we resigned to the inevitable, even if the “inevitable” can be avoided?

I think so. We seem to be walking like lambs to the slaughter. Where is the fire breathing conservative movement I loved so much?

For the remaining days of the campaign, I want Senator McCain to go for the jugular. Don’t worry about the criticism that will come from the MSM, from SNL, from Olbermann and from Dowd. Reagan never worried.

Just let it fly.

Just tell the truth. Barack Obama is a far leftist who is morally unfit to govern .

There is no shortage of documentation to back that claim, so McCain and lots of surrogates should blanket the country and inform Americans of the bitter truths about Obama that remain hidden from most of them.

If after McCain makes the case, the American people still want to drive our national bus off the cliff by electing Obama, at least we will have made a sincere maximum effort to save the nation we love.

I guess I am depressed mostly because I don’t think we are trying hard enough. I want us to swing from the heels. If we go down, let’s go down fighting.

Do you good folks at RedState agree?