Biden Supports Federalism?

Biden made comments tonight after the debate, specifically saying that in Iraq, we needed local control and a smaller central government. Sounds to me like he supports federalism – the idea that big government is usually bad government. Yet, his running-mate advocates the biggest increase in the size of government in history. Obama is a socialist – and he’s not even in the closet. He may have a fancy ivy-league degree, but he just doesn’t understand the foundational principals of our government and economic systems. Our economy is in trouble, that’s true, but it is the result of multiple causes, with many bad decisions made by hundreds of thousands of people.

Too many children today – including Barak Obama it would seem – do not get taught the fundamental structure of our Republic – how it works, why it works the way it does, and the principals behind it.

Experience matters. McCain is a man who has a real history. He’s NOT old politics; he has a visionary plan for the future and the experience, the connections and the personal integrity to perform well in the office of President.

Remember – Obama cannot ACTUALLY make us a socialist society, but his plans put us on that road and will absolutely, without question, destroy the economy of this country.