Oh Good Grief!

Horrors! Mark Block, Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff smokes!!!! John King, of CNN, is incensed that Herman Cain’s chief of staff actually puffed a smoke, after making a comment about Cain being a candidate America has never seen before, talking about his presidential candidate on a video, and being funny! Is tobacco still legal? Last I heard, it is.

The PC police are getting hysterical… John Cain almost had a stroke when he showed the video which he says “has gone viral” of Mark Block being politically “incorrect”, and taking a puff of tobacco in his video talking about Herman Cain! Good grief!  This is ridiculous!

Has John King forgotten that his president, the “one”, smokes? Has John King ever recognized a tongue-in-cheek joke?

I am not a smoker, and never have puffed on a cigarette, but this is pathetic!!!John King, could you get a life?