Let The Sunshine In!

Why do we need our representatives negotiating with the president in private over the debt ceiling? Can we have some sunshine on these discussions please?

Our country is on the line, and “We the People” who pay the bills have to sit and wait for news filtered through the media.

It’s time to let the sunshine in… the American people should be able to see this process, and know every detail of what is being negotiated behind closed doors.

It seems the president is unwilling to do in private what he claims to want to do in his press conferences. It appears he is playing a game, and considers  us all too foolish to understand the complexities of the issue, based on his comments about the American people not being interested.

If our Nation’s credit standing is on the line, and everything could fall apart due to the unwillingness of the president to do the hard thing and cut spending and not raise taxes, we should be able to witness that for ourselves.