Hold the Administration/Government Bureaucrat Pay Checks!

Ok, so the president is now saying if the debt ceiling isn’t raised (with tax increases!!!), people might not get their Social Security checks, the troops might not get paid… are you kidding me?  When have we heard this before?  Here we go with the democRATS revolving threat. It’s democrat tantrum time… they want more money to blow on their pet projects and their buddies, and to get their way they pull out the old “Social -Security-checks-won’t -be-sent-out” trick.

Well, if the money isn’t there ( due to Obama/democrat stimulus spending spree) then hold all the paychecks for the administration, their appointees, aids, members in the House and the Senate that want to keep spending our money, government union leaders/members, all government employees/bureaucrats, everyone who gets their money via taxpayers, before you hold checks for those who are paying the bills, and our brave troops!

This is the most pathetic bunch of democrats I’ve ever seen. They are gutless cowards! Will they purposely create chaos so they can blame the republicans? The ball is in their court, this is a democrat made crisis.

Marco Rubio has it right. Time to hold the line on the dems, and if they don’t do the right thing it’s in their lap.