Hey Mr. Pres...

YOU spent the money! Don’t give me this baloney about “the people won’t like their interest rates going up” if the Republicans don’t do what YOU want! That is cheap rhetoric! YOU and your party had the majority, and YOU created this mess the country is in! YOUR spending spree caused this situation! The “stimulus” was a joke!

It’s YOUR economy, Mr. President! It’s YOUR debt, and YOUR deficit, it’s YOUR jobless recovery, it’s YOUR mayhem! It’s YOUR Debt Ceiling problem.

Mr. President, it’s time for you to admit the buck stops at your desk, YOU are responsible. Your little press conferences aren’t cutting it! It wasn’t YOUR money, but YOU spent it anyway! It’s YOUR responsibility to pay the interest on the debt! YOU simply have run out of money, it’s time to CUT SPENDING!

Mr. President DO YOUR JOB! Take the responsibility for what you and your party did! Cut spending, cut taxes, and you will create revenue and jobs!

End of message.