The Stimulus Didn't Work? I'm Shocked!

So the New York Times thinks Obama’s Stimulus didn’t work according to this morning’s op-ed. They think Washington isn’t doing enough to make the economy grow! So… more of the same would have created better results, more jobs? The Left will never understand that more government doesn’t a strong economy make.

I frankly think Mr. O’s “Stimulus” has actually done exactly what he intended. It “stimulated” money for the democrats via public union donations, since the stimulus created more government jobs and expanded the unions, not private jobs. So the economy is stuck at 1.8 growth.

Mr. Obama seemed pretty clear to me in his campaign for president… he wanted to “spread the wealth around”. Isn’t that what the stimulus did?  I’m sure the New York Times was on board with that socialist idea, but guess what? Newsflash… spreading the wealth around doesn’t create jobs or improve the economy, because it doesn’t create wealth. It simply takes from those who could create jobs and improve the economy to give to those who can’t or won’t. The money went to cronies of the left who will in turn give to the democrats.

There is only one thing this president wants to stimulate, and that’s his campaign slush fund for 2012.

The truth is, until people understand that you can’t create jobs and a strong economy on the false premise of taking from the rich to give to the poor, or taking from the taxpayers to give to government expansion through more government jobs, we’ll continue in the downward spiral we are in in this country.

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