Just One More Dangerous Step?

The WSJ reported today that “the Administration moved Wednesday to expand federal jurisdiction over waterways across the US, and act environmentalist said would restore protection to millions of acres of wetlands but which business groups fear would make it harder to build malls, homes and other establishments”, according to a report by Stephen Power.

Seems the administration aims to revise the definition of waterways and wetlands subject to federal regulation… and this will be done under the Clean Air Act.

It is clear that the goals of this administration continue to be to clamp down on capitalism and expand the power of government to the detriment of our liberties. This move would have ramifications for oil companies, cattle ranchers, and coal producers to name a few, not to mention jobs in the private sector.

Though in 2006 the Supreme Court in a majority ruled that the federal regulators had gone too far under the Clean Air Act, (regarding wetlands lying more than 10 miles from navigable waters) since a majority couldn’t agree on how to define the waters protected by the act, now the administration sees an opportunity to expand federal jurisdiction across the US.

Is anyone uncomfortable with this?