Think About It...

If anyone thinks the man in the White House wants to solve our Nation’s problems, I have a bridge to sell you. After his usual propaganda speech yesterday, it should be clear to anyone with a brain (that didn’t get it during his campaign for president) that his plan is to change this country to a dictatorship. He has no plan to “work together”.

This man is living high on the hog on our money. He is a cold, calculating, America despising Marxist who is milking his position for all he can get, and he will continue doing so until the last day he is in the White House, only he doesn’t plan on leaving.

I asked a question of a friend during the campaign: “how does our Constitution deal with a dictator”? Answer: It doesn’t.

If we head down the road to bankruptcy, we will be cruising to chaos, and then what? Dictators like control. If our society is in chaos, what is the answer, if there is a dictator wanna be in the White House?

Things better go very well in the next election for those who love Liberty, because the guy in the White House right now despises Liberty.