What the Super Bowl Says About America

This morning waking up after the Super Bowl, I had  a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach… I had witnessed America’s annual “ritual”… which appeared more like a “pagan ritual”, than a sports event.

Being with friends, and watching snippets of the game was enjoyable, but being barraged with the culture that is now being crammed down our throats, with every commercial, and the half time presentation…I could only describe it as a “pagan ritual”. It seemed I was witnessing another America on the TV screen, not a celebration worthy of the greatest Nation on Earth. How far we have come! It was the dumb and dumber America!

I worry about the image that this “ritual” reveals to the world about who we are… the people that we lift up, that represent us to the world at large don’t represent average Americans, who love decency and dignity, God and country.

Why couldn’t this occasion celebrate a decent America! The half time show could have been a representation of a beautiful America, with music that was uplifting, patriotic, and which showed this Nation’s decency, grandeur, and pride. Instead we appear to be a nation that trivializes our greatest gift… Liberty. Even our beautiful National Anthem struck me as a trivial portrayal, that lacked true respect and dignity for our beloved City on a Hill, as depicted by our great president, Ronald Reagan.

We can thank the “progressive” movement for the state of our regressive culture.

In my humble opinion, the Super Bowl was not super at all.