Allen West... Future President?

An articulate, sharp, and insightful Tea Party Republican, Congressman Allen West, R Florida, intellectually runs circles around our “illustrious” president! He understands the dangers in Egypt at this critical time, and can articulate the situation with radical islam’s goals, with far more ability than Obama.

West is a man who could be president one day, and could actually be considered “Reaganesque”! The current occupant of the White House is no Reagan, though his supporters invoke Reagan’s name to attempt to make it appear he is moving to the center after practically bankrupting the country in his first two years as president.

The next year will be critical for global stability, and unfortunately, to our peril, we have an empty suit running our country in very dangerous times.

Looking toward the future, if our country survives the current tumult, Tea Party principles can return political sanity and national strength to the United States.

After the mistake that Obama has been as America’s “first black president”, it is refreshing to see a black man such as Allen West who shows true intellect and class, and the depth of the conservative movement in America.

It is refreshing and encouraging to see such talent representing we the people in Washington, and it gives me hope that such quality individuals are being elected by the conservative movement. Allen West is certainly presidential material for the future, and he could show the left what a true thinking black man could do for this country.

It’s a shame that the first black president had to be a progressive/marxist. Things could have been very different at this time in America.