Oh Please!

The NAA”L”CP is looking a little desperate…their party is in trouble in the coming election, so now they are pulling out the old “race” card, and the leftwing media is all over it.

This is the typical last minute desperation of the left. Normal grass roots folks who have been a part of the tea party movement wanting to bring sanity back to Washington, are being tarred with racism accusations in order for the socialists to get their demoralized base off the dime, and motivated to vote for their candidates who are behind in the polls. The left is running scared!

It isn’t going to work. The “extremist” and “race” cards have been used for too long by the left when they  have nothing to offer but their bankrupt policies that are literally bankrupting the country, and the American people aren’t going to fall for their trick.

I can’t wait for the election! It’s time to throw the socialists out, and show them we the taxpayers aren’t going to take it anymore!