Bush Is Right

The polls are showing that most Americans want to lift the ban on offshore drilling, and want to do it NOW. Pelosi and Reid will regret it if they continue with their leftist blather against it.

The truth is we need to do everything immediately. We need to continue to work on new technology for cars and green energy WHILE building nuclear plants and new refineries AND drillng off the coast, and in ANWR.

By doing this Americans would benefit with jobs, the economy will soar, gas prices will come down, and we will become energy independent. How can we lose? With the new technology we can do it in an environmentally friendly way.

We would also make our nation more secure due to having our own supply of oil, and we would no longer be held hostage by foreign oil producing nations who may wish us harm.

It’s time to send Pelosi and Reid the message that they are harming America and costing Americans jobs.